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By iPowerboat Ltd, Sep 17 2017 09:09PM

Oban Duncan, the 2015 & 2017 RYA Scotland regional Honda Youth RIB Challenge champion was representing iPowerboat Ltd and her country today at the National Championships in front of a large crowd at Southampton Boat Show.

Oban was first out at 09:00, and set an excellent time, in fact, her time was unbeaten for many hours. Oban's outstanding time was narrowly beaten by a competitor, and she landed herself with a very respectable 2nd place in the under 12 category.

Oban has become a fantastic ambassador for the sport, and has been invited to events in Sri Lanka, and the P1 Powerboat UK series to promote young people within the sport.

Over the past few years, Ryan has spent countless hours, and travelled thousands of miles to train Oban to helm RIB's in a fast, fun and safe manner, and we are so proud of what they have both achieved.

For 2018, we have some very special events lined up to further Oban's training. We shall up date you once things are planned.

By iPowerboat Ltd, Sep 5 2017 06:57PM

Below are the 2018 dates for our STCW Elementary First Aid courses. This one day course provides a good mixture of theoretical and practical sessions covering basic first aid and Basic Life Support skills on martime commercial vessels.

Please click here for further details.

January 25th, 26th

February 22nd, 23rd

March 28th, 29th

April 26th, 27th

May 24th, 25th

June 28th, 29th

July 24th, 25th

September 6th, 7th

October 4th, 5th

November 1st, 2nd

December 6th, 7th

Call the team at iPowerboat for further information.

By iPowerboat Ltd, Aug 16 2017 01:03PM

On Saturday 12th August 2017 at 06:37BST Patti Bauernfeind from San Francisco began the demanding task of swimming 22 miles from one end of Loch Ness to the other. Patti completed this swim under marathon swimming rules, she was not allowed to touch a support vessel and had to swim this very cold loch without a wetsuit.

Patti had flown an army of supporters out from the USA to help with her swim. These guys were one of the best solo swim support teams we have ever had on board.

We had perfect conditions, albeit a little bit of wind about two thirds of the way in.

12:26:03 hours later, Patti had swam the full length from Fort Augustus to Loch End beach.

Patti attempted this swim to raise money for educating children in Afghanistan. Her total goal is to raise $100,000 for Trust in Education.

Patti was also supported by an excellent film crew (Criminal SF). Below is a short video made by Criminal to explain why this swim happened. Criminal will soon be releasing a full video showcasing the swim, and we will share this with you once available.

To help Patti's cause, please donate to show your support for such a courageous swim.

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Oban Duncan is one of Scotland's best youth powerboaters. Back in 2014, Ryan spent countless hours training Oban, and her performances are a reflection of her skill and ability.


Oban keeps a blog for all to follow online. To keep up with her latest adventures please click here.