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What is it?


A commercial endorsement is required to work on board British flagged vessels subject to the MCA's codes of practice for small commerical vessels (SCV).   A number of additional training courses and medical fitness certificates are required to be eligible for a commercial endorsement. See below for more information.


What Certificate?


The following certificates can receive the standard commercial endorsement:


I) Course completion certificate:


> RYA National Powerboat Certificate - Level 2        

> RYA National Powerboat Certificate - Advanced (only if issued before January 1, 2005)        

> RYA Day Skipper (tidal) practical course completion certificate.    

> RYA Day Skipper (non-tidal) practical course completion certificate, only if supported by a

Day Skipper shorebased course completion certificate.


II) Certificate of competence (exam passed):


> RYA Advanced Powerboat Certificate of Competence

> RYA Yachtmaster Coastal Certificate of Competence

> RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence

> RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate of Competence  


In addition, the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore and Yachtmaster Ocean Certificates of

Competence can receive the STCW endorsement.

Send the following items to;

RYA Certification,

RYA House,

Ensign Way,



SO31 4YA:


Your original certificate - see list above.


Your Professional Practices and Responsibilites certificate.


A commercial endorsement application form

An ML5 or ENG1 medical fitness certificate - download the MCA's ML5 form from the link below. The RYA can only accept the latest version of the ML5 form (currently Rev 04/12). Skippers working in category 1 or 0 waters will need the ENG1 medical. Contact the MCA for a list of approved doctors.


A copy of your RYA Basic Sea Survival certificate or STCW Personal Survival Techniques


RYA First Aid Certificate or other acceptable first aid certificate (only required if applying for a commercial endorsement to a Day Skipper, Powerboat Level 2 or Advanced Powerboat Course Completion Certificate).


RYA SRC Certificate or other acceptable GMDSS Marine Radio Operator's Certificate.


A passport sized photo with your name on the back.


The fee (currently £33.00)


Note: If you are over 65 you are subject to more regular medical fitness examinations,


Commercial Endorsement Application Form Commercial Endorsement Revalidation Form ML5 Medical Form ML5 Medical Declaration MCA MGN 280 Download MGN 280 Manning Table